Spin Box

Description of Spin Box The game is simple. Tap to put the box and go high. Reach the stars. Challenge with your friends via Google Play leaderboard and Facebook *! (* Not yet implemented but coming soon, now you can only see a Facebook friends leaderboard).How to play:Tap anywhere you want on the screen but at the right moment, when the ball is in the circle. This add one box, so one score.If you tap when the ball is over to blue diamond, you get one diamond that is the money to spend in the market.If you tap when the ball is in the small circle, you grow up very fast for a certain number of boxes.If your tap is wrong, the game goes in the gameover, but you can continue to play by spending one Boxheart that corresponding one life.What in the market?In the market you can change your player by selecting many different characters. Before using one, you must buy it.In the market you can buy the Boxhearts and you can change the theme of the game.(I'm working on different characters and theme, but I need time to do that, so more game came big faster, more fast I work on this contents)You can get Boxheart tapping correctly 5 times the small circle.Finally, every day, there is a GIFT for you for increase boxheart and diamonds.I'm a small game developer. I do that for hobby, so if you appreciate my game do not forget to leave a comment, or rating, or share the game with your friends for support me.

Download APK(41.85MB)

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