Save the Adventurers

Description of Save the Adventurers Save the Adventurers is a difficult adventure game with tricky challenges. You're a god who aids three clumsy adventurers (Adalwulf, Grunrund, and Zeludonius) throughout their journeys. The game takes place in a fantasy world with knights, wizards, trolls, and other creatures.In brief, you must find the correct combination of your spells to protect the silly adventurers. Each mission is a riddle in some way.FEATURES:* No constant action: you need to make few but deliberate decisions (no checkpoints)* The first 4 missions are dialogue-intensive, the rest offer more player interaction* No multiple in-app purchases: 100% game content is available after a single in-app purchase (the first half of the game is available without any in-app purchase)* Up to 7 powerful spells at your repertoire (including Thunderbolt, Earthquake, Rain, and Illusions)* 14 challenging missions (some of them are difficult and require tricky thinking)* Tutorial mission* Game can be paused at any time (so you have unlimited time to make decisions)* Zoomable map (pinch-to-zoom enabled), except during cutscenes* Easter Egg missionGENRE: * Save the Adventurers combines adventure with role-playing game (RPG) and god game features.MORE INFORMATION:* Our official website:* Like the adventurers on Facebook at or check out our Google+ page* Find our videos at* Follow us on Twitter at* End User License Agreement (EULA):

Download APK(35.88MB)

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